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Investing in your vision

Matching the right investor with the right entrepreneur is all about recognizing the potential to create a win-win opportunity for both sides. It’s all about a shared vision to succeed in business.


DLN Investments specializes in bringing together investors, both global and local, looking to an access to Israeli technologies, and distinctive Israeli technology companies seeking diverse global business opportunities.


Our growing professional portfolio consists of technology companies specializing in a broad range of fields including:


  • Software

  • Cyber technologies

  • Fintech & Insur-tech technologies

  • Industry 4.0

  • Agriculture technologies


We are well-connected with established investors spanning:

  • International companies from USA, Europe, Australia, India and more

  • American, European & Israeli VC's and PE's 

  • Global Investments Firms


Before we match investor to entrepreneur, we conduct a thorough investigation into key areas which are relevant to the investor, in order to ensure a perfect fit. These include:

  • Investment strategy and goals

  • Relevant industries

  • Life stage of the relevant company

  • Investment requirements

  • Quality of the company's management


By deeply evaluating each potential investor-entrepreneur relationship, DLN find “the right investor” for each entrepreneur, and "the right entrepreneur" for each investor.

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